The Best Road Trip Destinations in USA

When looking to go on a road trip, getting quotes from car rental companies on a car that will fit your needs is a bright idea. Car rental companies cater to all types of people – the solo traveler, the family, the couple, etc.

If you have already chosen a car but don’t know where to go even if you are itching to drive cross country, you can visit the best road trip destinations in the United States. Here are some of them:


Visiting the Rockies is a good idea and if you remember Katharine Lee Bates’ America the Beautiful, it is interesting to note that she was in Colorado when she wrote it. Colorado is a great road trip destination for those who love the great outdoors. In the summer, the spectacularly beautiful state features a number of activities – from swimming in its pristine waters to fishing to mountain biking and whitewater rafting.

New Orleans, LA

Ahh … the magic of New Orleans is like no other. This one-of-a-kind destination features unique architecture especially in the infamous French Quarter. The cuisine is also to die for and eating Cajun or Creole dishes while listening to jazz is definitely worth the long ride.

Washington, DC and Virginia

The colors of Washington, DC during autumn is just spectacular and whether you plan to go there to get a glimpse of the White House or the Lincoln Memorial, make sure that you pay Virginia a visit too.

Boston, Massachusetts

Historical sites and pubs are what you get if you go to Boston, MA. You can barhop all you want and experience fantastic pub fare – probably the best compared to what is offered in nearby states, according to experienced barhoppers.

Disney World, Florida

There’s nothing like going to Disney with the kids. All the magic and fun in one place is definitely worth the long drive.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

This is definitely the top road trip destination because it is not just one but one of the best natural wonders the world has ever seen. If you are planning to go to the Grand Canyon, it is best to compare quotes from different car rental companies. The best car rental companies will be able to offer reasonable daily rates for your rental.

Using Luxury Car Rental Companies

There are many reasons to rent luxury cars. Perhaps you want to make a good impression on a business associate. Or maybe you just like treating yourself to a cool ride. Whatever the reason, there are distinct advantages and disadvantages of renting from luxury car rental companies.


Luxury cars are often safer than the average vehicle. They tend to have the best safety features including sleep detectors, lane drifting warnings, and electronic controls. They are a major step up from taxis and cost less. They are high performance vehicles that offer a smooth riding experience. Luxury cars are comfortable to drive and provide an exciting opportunity for car enthusiasts. Many have leather interiors which add to the level of comfort provided. It is not every day one gets the privilege of driving a luxury car and renting one is a great alternative to buying or leasing.

You can make a great impression with a luxury rental. They are ideal for special occasions as well as for business travel. The car can help you present yourself in a particular light that can help you with your job or with a personal relationship.


The primary disadvantage is that renting a luxury car costs more than a regular rental. Rental insurance for luxury vehicles also costs more. In addition, you may be required to have a certain level of insurance which may cause you to have to purchase supplemental insurance. This is an extra cost that can actually make the entire rental process unaffordable when combined with all other costs.

These types of vehicles can be intimidating because of their advanced features. It can be daunting to have to learn to drive a luxury car. Not everyone is willing to take on that challenge. And not all agencies provide driving instructions or a crash course to help train drivers.

Because luxury vehicles can be difficult to drive, your risk of being involved in an accident or otherwise damaging the car increases. Even with insurance, you may end up paying for those damages and you increase your chances of having your regular insurance premiums go up as a result.

Knowing the pros and cons of renting from luxury car rental companies can help you make informed decisions. You may not be willing to assume the risk of driving a more expensive rental car. But if you are, you can have an exceptional rental experience with luxury car rental companies.

Drive Legally With Cheap Auto Insurance

The potential consequences of getting caught driving without insurance are really not worth the risk. You can temporarily lose your driving privilege if your driver's license is suspended or revoked which can impact other areas of your life. It is better to get cheap auto insurance and drive legally.

Know State Requirements

Each state has its own laws pertaining to auto insurance. You can easily learn about your state laws by visiting your state's official website. Along with the minimum requirements, penalties for violating the law are also outlined. States are strict about enforcing their auto insurance laws. One way they verify drivers are insured is to send out requests to drivers to prove they had insurance during a specific time period in the past. The state will contact your insurance company to confirm your information. If you did not have coverage, you will be penalized by having your driver's license suspended immediately.

Minimum Insurance Coverage

Although this can vary by state, the typical minimum coverage required is liability. There are two types of liability coverage: bodily injury and property damage. If you cause an accident, liability insurance will cover the medical expenses and car repairs of the other party. Your own expenses are not covered under liability insurance. And, in most cases, liability insurance will not pay for injuries to your passengers. You can be personally help responsible for costs beyond what the insurance covers.

Understand Rate Calculation

Insurance companies consider multiple factors when calculating rates. The most important risk factors include your driving record, credit score, age, and location. You may be eligible for certain discounts that can help lower your rates. New customers may get a reduction just for purchasing a policy.

Shop Around for Low Rates

If you have decided to get the minimum amount of coverage required to be legal, your best option is to shop around for cheap auto insurance. Aggregator sites offer a one-stop shopping opportunity for drivers by providing free quotes from major insurance companies. You can quickly get cheap auto insurance without the hassle of talking to insurance agents.

Cheap Car Insurance for High-Risk Drivers

Have you recently been involved in a car accident? Were you at fault? If so, you have experienced the inevitable increase in auto insurance premiums. And if you have multiple accidents or speeding tickets on your driving record, you can expect even higher rates. You still have several options when it comes to getting cheap car insurance.

Improve Driving Record

This will take time but you should make a concerted effort to clean up your driving record. It will require you to be accident-free for a specific period of time. You also need to avoid getting tickets for speeding and other moving violations. Generally, it takes three years for tickets to be removed from your driving record. At that time, you will find that your rates drop, often significantly.

Avoid Filing Claims

Insurance companies also consider claim histories when rating drivers. Customers who frequently file claims pose a higher risk to insurance providers. As a result, they will have higher rates to cover potential losses to the company. Although the most common reason drivers file claims is because of accidents, there are other ways your car can be damaged. Limit the number of claims you submit to only the most expensive and you may be surprised by your lower rates.

Compare Quotes from Multiple Companies

You always have the opportunity to compare rates by getting quotes from different insurance companies. You can do this either by contacting individual insurance providers or by using an aggregator site that provides a one-stop comparison shopping experience for customers by presenting various insurance quotes from several companies at the same time.
It is possible that even as a high-risk driver you will be able to find a good policy with lower premiums simply by shopping around. Each insurance company has its own set of factors it uses to set rates. You may find that you are eligible for certain discounts from one provider that another does not offer at all. By researching all of your options, you will be able to get cheap car insurance that provides the coverage you need.

Auto insurance for inexperienced drivers

The good news for parents is that getting a license to drive at 16 is no longer the automatic rite of passage it used to be. If we go back to the 1980's, about half all sixteen-year olds applied for licenses on their birthdays. That reduced to less than 30% in 2010. Ignoring the cost problems, the popularity of the internet and hand-held technology means teens can get together virtually. There's not the same pressure to actually meet each other face to face. At a national level, there's also a significant reduction in the number of miles we drive. This is not a recent phenomenon arising from the recession. The vehicle miles traveled has been falling over the last ten years. That's a welcome relief for parents because the death and injury statistics for teens in vehicles is alarming. When you put beginners into situations where there's a high element of danger, it's hardly surprising they make mistakes and injure each other.

To calculate the auto insurance rates, every newly licensed driver is given inexperience points. Should they pick up a ticket or make a claim, there's an increasing chance they will be forced out of the voluntary and into the assigned risk market. This will almost certainly occur if they are caught drunk or affected by drugs. The only way to loose these points is to go through years without a claim.

When a teen has a driving license, the parents must decide whether to add the name to their family policy. If there's any chance the inexperienced driver may drive a family vehicle, failure to insure will be counted as a form of fraud and the policy will be cancelled. But if the teen buys a vehicle in his or her name, a separate policy can be issued. Naturally, it will be more expensive than adding the name to the family policy, but it does teach responsibility to a young driver when the auto insurance rates react so precisely to the way the vehicle is driven.

Learn about the usage-based insurance terms and benefits

It’s curious how quickly an idea either takes off or dies the death. What was casually called pay-as-you-go has now become a highly competitive market. If you ever wanted proof of just how competitive, you only have to look at the court roster where you find Progressive suing State Farm and The Hartford for alleged infringement of patents. You may well throw up your hands in despair. We are used to seeing technology companies accuse each other of copying the other’s patent for an on/off switch, but patents also cover any business ideas that no one has registered using those words before. So Progressive claims it registered the idea of using technology to monitor how far and how well people drive and to offer discounts to all the safest drivers. Now we have to wait for a judge to say how obvious this business plan is and that it should never have been registered as a patent. Until then, attorneys are collecting their usual high fees to fight it out to the death.

So what exactly is Progressive offering that it feels must be defended so aggressively? In most states, this insurer was the first to offer a black box for monitoring driving behaviour. The most recent version is called Snapshot. What makes this so interesting is you can run it for a one month’s trial while holding your existing policy. This gives you a direct comparison and tells you exactly how much you will save if you make the switch. If you decide not to switch, there’s no comeback. Progressive simply recovers the hardware link and looks for business elsewhere.

Why is usage-based insurance the best chance for cheap car insurance? The answer comes in two different ways. The first relates to the number of miles you drive and the time of day you drive them. The statistics show low milage drivers have the smallest numbers of accidents, particularly if you drive at off-peak times. Second we come to the way you drive. Gentle acceleration, modest braking, no violent swerving all indicate a safe driver. That earns you cheap car insurance. All the insurer has ever wanted is proof you are safe. Now technology supplies that information you can earn maximum car insurance discounts.